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Faint Faint

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

At first, I thought all those messages from each object were either clues or some part of the story we had to discover. After realizing the religious aspect, they completely changed meaning for me (and if the messages doubled as both, that's even more fantastic)!

Although I found the game mechanic a bit confusing at first, everything in the game like the character's eyes closing helped me understand what to do really well. And as soon as I saw the broken street light, the piece of the road, and the mangled bicycle, the story just clicked immediately.

Really great game!

Arcuz 2 Arcuz 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Read me.

While I have not completed the game, nor am I above level 60, there are a few things about this game to note should you create Arcuz 3.

For starters, as many users have complained about, the saving function does not seem to work. Mochigames recently failed to save our progress, and there is some kind of delay when saving locally. I might upgrade my equipment right before saving, but the upgrades will cease to exist and the items I combined will revert back to their original states when I start up the game again.

Also, there seems to be a regression glitch whenever I start up the game again. My magic resistance would reduce by a factor of four - for example, my current resistance should be 60% but it shrinks to 15% - and the amount of weight I can carry would also lower to nearly half of what it should be. It takes a long time before the two rise back up to their normal levels.

The Shield Bash II skill is defective whenever I use an ability point. Each time I upgrade my skills, the Shield Bash II skill would disappear from my skill tray, forcing me to replace it.

For me, the combination function is also defective. The only problem I face whenever I combine is when I try to combine crystals and stones with my equipment. The small crystals always work fine, but combinations with the medium and large crystals appear impossible. When it fails, the attributes and items disappear as they should, but when the combination should work, the items remain as they are, nothing happens, and I get a message stating that the combination has failed. With this issue, I can never manually upgrade my equipment to effects higher than level one.

In addition, with The Trials, I feel that only the fourth trial truly tests your skills and even then only by a small margin. It would be much more of a challenge if the Shadows' intelligence were much higher, and perhaps, they can even use some of the same battling tactics as the players do instead of swinging their weapons wildly like mindless monsters in the dungeon.

Some minor issues include walking through walls, chests and enemies getting stuck within walls, the equipment sets, and inventory space.

I found that if there is a barrel or pottery next to a slanted wall and if I walk into between the two, I start walking through the wall until I hit the edge of the playing screen. While this is not a major problem, it could be utilized for elements such as secret passages, rooms, etc.

There are many instances when I break a barrel or pot and the chest that comes out flies too far and ends up in or past a wall. As it settles there, the chest continuously shakes. The same is also true with enemy monsters whenever they move too fast and wind up jumping or running through walls. In their case, I would have to walk to either the location where they first jumped through or a place where they might end up before the monsters come back flying through the wall at me.

The equipment sets, while seemingly worthwhile until you level up far past your need of them, present a unique challenge. Not only do they take up space in your inventory, but it is possible to get two identical items for the same set. In my case, I ended up with two pairs of boots for my Master's Set. I have Golden Boots at level 37 and Berserker Boots at level 41.

My last complaint is with the inventory space you receive at the village. It only makes sense that you can store immensely more items in a place you base yourself at, so why is the space at the village so limited?

Overall, Arcuz 2 is a great game that adventurers can get lost in, but its multiple flaws bring the quality down by a large margin. I hope Arcuz 3 is vastly improved compared to this game.

~Depes Crystalline~

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Name That Pokemon: R&B Name That Pokemon: R&B

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice game.

This game is fairly easy for those who've played or known pokemon for a long time, but I noticed that on Aerodactyl, I would still get it right if I accidently switch the "l" and "y". Also, for some reason, I already had Mewtwo even though he was one of the last pokemon I encountered.

For those of you out there asking why you got the 150 pokemon medal even though you missed one, it's because there are 151 total pokemon.

~Depes Crystalline~

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*Flight* *Flight*

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a very good game.

It has a lot of replay value, but the goals of beating each level in around eight days seems unreasonable. I find it very unlikely that anyone, without hacking, will be able to achieve those goals. Also, it seems that you can only get medals in the first slot you use. You're unable to get both the NG medal and the in-game achievement when you use any other slot (including restarting your first one).
This game is still very original and has a unique launching style instead of the push-the-button you see in most tossing games.

~Depes Crystalline~

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MC Scene Maker MC Scene Maker

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its great, but its missing some things.

A lot of sprites were not included. Many blood sprites were missing, and you did not include the rest of the body parts for the Mag agent (hope I got it right). Also, the background choices are terribly low. You should focus on more than just people and gun sprites. Also, the pose system is a little too sensitive and got stuck a few times. Also the boxes that were rotate handles didn't really work. It seems you coded the lines and not the boxes themselves. The box in the middle is scompletely unnecessary unless its supposed to do something I haven't figured out yet. The flip system is also a little sensitive. Oh, and it seems the bg buttons get stuck a couple times as well. I opened this page after the game was updated, so it is even more disappointing to see so little options. I don't know how long you worked on this, but right now it looks as if you did a good job on the coding, but failed on having "Most (of the) madness sprites from MC7-9, and many more."

~Depes Crystalline~

~Depes Crystalline~

lime-light responds:

Thank you for the constructive criticism! I'm working on V2.0 which will have an improved system and many, many more sprites!

Madness 6.5 Scene Creator Madness 6.5 Scene Creator

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a great scene creator.

My only issues are with the size of the screen and objects. Some of them are so small that when I try to drag them, I drag the screen instead. Also, whenI click the head with the spiral arrow, I have to stop the music because it plays twice at the same time. Otherwise, the scene creator was really well done.

For a future project, I think you should make a compilation scene creator after Krinkels makes Madness Combat 10. In the compilation scene creator, it will contain all sprites from Madness Combat 1 to the present, including all the scenes. Sometimes I want to use some of the old sprites, but I am limited to the sprites of the episode the scene creator was made for...

~Depes Crystalline~

XRoadKillX responds:

You complain about the size yet you want me to include all of the sprites ever. Do you realize how small the screen would be then?


Rated 0 / 5 stars


The preloader is not allowing anyone to play the game........ And its doing some odd shit right there..... Check your scripting.....

~Depes Crystalline~

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Spewer Spewer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

There are only two problems I see.

One, your character moves slightly even when you stop going left or right. And two... sometimes, a single peice of puke sticks into the wall a little two far and it starts to fucking climb UP the wall, not DOWN. Other than those two minor problems, the game is perfect.

~Depes Crystalline~

Mondrian Mondrian

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a great puzzle game.

It really forces you to focus deeply and think hard. And a tip for hard grids: Start with the last row and column. Those should give you a good start.

~Depes Crystalline~

Riddle School 4 Riddle School 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Mrs. Munch is a male?!

And, is there going to be a fifth? I like the endings you created for each of the characters.

~Depes Crystalline~

JonBro responds:

How could there be a fifth game when everyone dies in this one?